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Diagnosing ABS sensors

Well, my mysterious ABS problem has finally revealed itself to me.
I have a dead/dying ABS sensor. The ABS will now cut out quite a
bit while driving, and if I leave it engaged, I will get a rock-hard
pedal and full ABS intervention (as if it thinks I have no traction).
Turning the ABS off immediately returns my braking to normal.

This is exactly the same symptom as I had 4 years ago when an accident
screwed up a wheel sensor. So, my question is, how do I figure out
which sensor is the problem. I can pick up a new one at the local
parts place (any idea how much $$$?) if I know which one to replace.

Also, what's involved in replacing the tranny mounts on an '89 100Q?
Mine are old, and I think I should be able to tackle this one myself
instead of paying my shop $$$ to do it.


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