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RE: F1 & Indy

 I'm trying to be good but I cannot let this go:

 >Have you watched the Indy 500 time trials at all this year!?

 1. The Indy 500 is not being run this year just as it was not run last
    Tony George is a spoiled child who spoiled something I have loved since
 a child.

 >>so, have you sat down and_listened_to the IRL's idea of a race car!??!

 2. What is the IRL?  Those Irish Freedom fighters?

 >>Those V-8s(Olds and Infinti, right?) sound so un-inspiring, so American,
 >>Others may think otherwise,

 3. Yep..definately sounds like you've never driven a GTO or
Firehawk..or..or ...or
    I definately think otherwise.

>>but I doubt it, because it's quite obvious that those IRL engines sound
significantly less >>>thrilling

  4. Oh, now I know what you mean...yes those cars do sound like crap
warmed over.

>>Unfortunately, for my only close and
>>affordable opportunity, I am left suffering with the IRL cars from now
>>on, or at least until the IRL goes under and CART returns to the
>>N.H.I.S. in Loudon, NH. :-(

  5. Why suffer?  Boycott IRL events, I do!  Send NHIS the
message..thousands of
     others are!  Come to Nazareth next year..great track..much fun..not
too much $$$.

Paul "trying to be good and it's not working out" Royal