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Re: Vague A4

Raymond and his A4 Avant,
The motoring press here in the U.S. has commented about the feel of the 
A4 steering (your "vagueness") more than a couple of times. As an A4q 
owner I can say that it is not really a "vagueness" more a different 
sensory input than that of "traditional" steering set-ups. As you know, 
the latest Audi suspension set-up/geometry is very different from other 
cars and gives a different "feel". I am used to the car now (we bought 
the car last September) and I find it most responsive. Although it does 
have a slight "overboosted" feel my understanding is that this is not 
so much a result of the power steering rather it is the result of the 
suspension geometry. I hope that Phil Payne is correct in his diagnosis 
of an alignment problem but, however, my feeling is that it is, indeed, 
the feel of the car and that is something that you will adjust to in 

Phil Coppin
96 A4q 2.8 slushbox (its the wifes but I love it)