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This AC thread got me to thinkin' about my AC which does still blow cold but
has never been serviced that I am aware of. The compressor cycles repeatedly
when first turned on so I do think that the freon may be a bit low-it
wouldn't surprise me. So, I checked out Pennzoil's web site and called the
shop they list as being a local dealer (a reputable independent MBZ repair
shop.) They told me they are going to have Pennzoil remove their name cuz
that product is not working out well for them after all and there are really
only two choices, R12 or upgrade the system to R134(?) (like a very good post
here described yesterday.) I was told that as long as the system still works
that it is best to keep using R12 for now (price in this area is $30.00 per
pound BTW.) and have the system evacuated and re-charged. I was also told
that the conversion is really just some rubber seals after all and all the
high cost fears don't apply to my 4kq (this a benz mechanic though.) Any
thoughts? I'm gonna have the system evacuated and recharged tomorrow with R12
but worry about the future. What compressor did Audi use on the 4kq? I was
informed if it is a York that it needs to be changed, but if it is a Delco
(which is what he thought it has) it doesn't. Anybody try this Pennzoil stuff
yet? Dan, let us know how it works out for you if you go for it.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (hopefully blowing colder tommorow)