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details of timing belt procedure (C-GT)

>Date: Thu, 15 May 1997 17:14:03 -0400
>From: Allan Jones <ampj@tiac.net>
>Subject: details of timing belt procedure (C-GT)
>Hi all,
>	On my '86 C-GT, I am finally performing the arduous task of R/R the H2O
>pump and timing belt(thought to be original @ 169K miles!-what would it
>look like? because it doesn't look that bad) at a leisurely pace(have
>time/short on money :-) / :-(  ...also 1st time) and have gotten to the
>point where I have a few questions built up. I have EVERYTHING off and
>loosened(4 allen bolts on crankshaft pulley) EXCEPT for the infamous
>CRANKSHAFT centrer bolt and thus the crankshaft pulley with belts. Just
>FYI, I am also performing routine maintenance such as painting of
>valve&timing-covers(not-so-routine), valve-cover gasket, cleaning of
>sludge on engine, plugs, belts, K&N cleaning, checking and replacing of
>hoses, etc. So without spending more of Phil's money  ;-) and your time,
>here goes:
>1)How safe on the drivetrain is it to unlock the crankshaft bolt using
>the fifth gear engaged/stand-on-the-brakes method? Can I do this with
>the old timing belt and camshaft gear already removed? Also, I do NOT
>have the required 27mm socket(can buy if need be), but I DO have the
>American inch equivilant(1-1/16") and it seems to fit very well...does
>anyone have any experience, advice(I know this is high torque stuff and
>it should be a perfect fit, but...), comments?

There is a small hole in the tranmission that allows you to slip a bolt
about 1.5 inches in another hole in the flywheel. This hole in the
transmission sits just below the timing window at about the 10'oclock
position if I remember correctly. Could be covered with a rubber plug. Using
a good quality M12 bolt it will definitely lock the flywheel for the
crankshaft bolt removal

>2)With respect to the timing belt(it's already off), was I supposed to:
>remove anything in any order, release tension anyway/where first or in
>any order, and should I be careful not to move the cam and/or crank
>gears since I have removed the belt, or can the shafts be realigned

You should not have taken off the timing belt before you loosened the crank
bolt. Now when you reassemble everything you must be certain of the cam
timing. Not difficult to do just make **certain** it is correct.......

>3)Is it possible to check the hydraulic lifters(cam followers, tappets)
>for proper(?) clearance?? While cover is off, is there anything else I
>should be doing outside of gaskets, seals..... 

Yes look at the Bentley manual

>4)How do I clean the engine with all of the various hoses off and
>openings(H2O pump and valve cover), should I plug the holes and put the
>cover back on or just wipe down w/ rag and hose away?

Just clean around the hose openings for now by hand. Later with everything
assembled you can get out the degreaser and hose everything down.

I just completed a timing job on my Coupe using the bolt trick from M.
Tipton. Very good tip and it was so easy to get the bolt off. The easiest
part of the whole job. Good luck and remember to set the cam timing correctly.
  	- ed

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