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Re: Rear speaker problems - 90q20v

>I have successfully upgraded my front speakers.  But I still have a
>problem with my rear speakers.
>The problem is intermittent "cut-out" from either the left or the right
>rear speakers.  I usually correct the problem by cranking the volume up
>and down several times.  But this is only a temperary fix.  The problem
>come back after a while.
>Again, this problem is intermittent.  Either left or right ???
>At first, I thought it's the amplier (rear speakers have integrated
>amps).  However, it would be extremely odd to have both speakers acting
>the same way.
> [...]
>If I were to replace the deck, can I keep the rear speakers (and the
>ampliers) ?
>Anyone has similar experience ??

In fact, I had a similar experience.

Tell me, when the speakers cut out, if you give them a good whack, do
they come back on?

I think this problem must be the fault of the rear amplifiers because
the problem does not affect the front speakers.  What I did has worked
for me but I would like to see if it helps anyone else, or if I
accidently fixed it while doing what I thought would fix it.

I took out the rear speakers (involves taking out the door), and
unscrewed the metal cover that covers the amplifier (needs a T-10 TORX
wrench; I ruined 2 allen wrenches and 3 of the screws before I broke
down and bought one...).  Then carefully pull the cover off the
speaker.  I say carefully because it's glued, but if you pull too hard
when the glue gives then you'll rip some wires.  Then I unscrewed the
amplifier board (make sure you get the amp chip from the side) and cut a
piece of cardboard from the back of a notepad to act as an insulator
between the board and the metal cover.  I used the circuit board as a
template, and it worked very well.  Then put everything back together
and see if it works.

Incidentally, this also seems to have solved a problem I've had with the
A/C cutting off...weird...