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Radio & Idle

Dear Audi owners

I have some problems with my 1991 Audi 90 2.3E (manual) I bought about a   
month ago.

Now here is the first problem:
I can start the car OK. It idles OK, It seems to drive OK, but when I   
change the gears (depress the clutch) while decelerating it stalls. The   
car did not have this problem just one day ago but all of a sudden it   
started happening. Would anyone have any suggestions what might be   
causing it. Could I have caused it while trying to fix the problem below?

The second problem is:
I bought a car radio recently and put it in myself. When I start driving   
cold the radio plays OK for about first 30 minutes. Then it keeps going   
off for half a second or so intermittently, the unit goes off totally all   
lights and display too. It continues loosing power intermittently for the   
rest of the journey even if I switch it off (the clock and back light   
stay on). Nothing else it the car seems to be affected by this. I have   
already swapped the radio for another one so radio can not be causing it.   
I made sure earth is properly connected. I checked all fuses for   
corrosion. Next thing I was going to do is connect the radio directly to   
the battery. But I can't find anywhere to run the cable from the cabin to   
under bonnet area. There is a spaghetti of wires under the dash. I don't   
know which of the cables is direct from battery. Would anyone out there