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Re: details of timing belt procedure (C-GT)

At 11:48 PM 5/16/97 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <337CBD7F.2F74@qnet.com> Ken writes:
>> > Is it neccesary that the belt be over those gears to hold things in
place while the crankshaft center bolt 
>> > is broken loose?
>> It would really suck if the tranny popped out of gear (assuming you try
>> that method of hold the crank still) while turning the bolt.  Without
>> the belt on, ouch!  This happened to a lister recently.  Remember,
>> folks?
>Yes I do remember, and  lets not forget to keep things locked up with belt
on until both the crank bolt and the cam bolt are loosened.  There is a
holding tool for the cam gear in Zelenda, but it looks like it would be
awkward to use. I plan next time I do a belt, I,ll leave both the belt on
and the holding fixture on the crank, until both bolts are loose.  Mike
>Yup.  I cautioned the laddie about this very eventuality.
>> If I understand it correctly, slack is slack.  You shouldn't be able to
>> push it down more than 'X' amount, with the lobe "off" or "facing away"
>> from the lifter.  If you're He-Man (registered trademark), then you
>> might just push the valve open, in which case it would seem like there
>> was play.  If you're that strong, though, you should ride a bicycle with
>> really high gearing, cause you don't need a car! ;-)  (also, you could
>> hold the crank still while you twist off the pulley bolt.  Seriously
>> tho, if it moves down more than the "whatever" measurement (what it is 1
>> mm?), then it's bad.  It's recommended you replace them in sets.
>It's 0.1mm - i.e., not a lot.  Sod all, in fact.  The Audi documentation 
>is quite happy to replace them singly - you (and many others) might feel 
>that the effort involved in getting in there justifies doing them all at
> Phil Payne
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