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Rental car woes...LONG(sorry)

Allan Jones wrote:

> I told myself:'no list tonight!' and what happens..  as soon as my girl
> left, I jump on the net! Funny thing is - my GIRL told me:"don't go on
> the list tonight! Get some sleep." It won't be so funny to her tomorrow
> though....so don't tell, O.K.?!  ;-)


That's really very funny to me, because I thought I was the only one
that lost ridiculous amounts of sleep mostly because of not being able
to tear myself away from the List.  I'm not so bad lately (I'm trying a
little "self-experiment", in which I go to bed when I'm supposed to, to
see if the headaches go away, and I can stay awake on the drive home. It
actually seems to be working!  Go figure.  ;-)  (I wish I were only

> The Corsica is a disappointingly fast car to some of us listers/Audi
> owners because its straight line acceleration is not something my N/A
> I-5 can mess with, even with a K&N air filter. ;-) 

Sometimes it's uncanny the way us Listers think alike.  What am I hungry
for right now?
I, JUST the other day, found out that Corsicas (in this case a Beretta)
are not too slow.  The bucket even had three people in it!  *sigh*  Next
weekend, I better get to putting that cam in.  Hope it does something,
and not just kill the smoggability.

Anyway, just thought I'd say:  "This is wierd, this is really wierd."



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