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First Quattro in F1

      Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 23:49:27 +0700 (GMT+0700)
From: Withu Ruksvanichpongs <withu@lox2.loxinfo.co.th>
Subject: Re: Audi & F1

Will it be the first Quattro F1 in the world ?

> According to some reliable sources, (ESPN) Audi is in the market for
> "acquiring" a Formula 1 Team!  Apparently they have already tried a
> deal with 
> Beneton! 

Well...if you look at Quattro to be Audi specific then yes, it would be the
first Quattro in F1, but AWD is not new to Formula One.
BRM, McLaren, Lola (or was it Lotus) all tried AWD cars in the mid 70s.   At
that time AWD would have made a big difference as aerodynamics were just
then being introduced, and were not fully developed.    But within a year or
so, aero became the way to go, thus giving alot of the added traction that
AWD would have producted without the added weight penalty.    

Who knows today though....even though aerodynamics are the key, a
lightweight AWD system may give the Audi team a small edge given the new
regulations coming down the pipe in 1998 like grooved tyres etc..etc...

I would bet though that it Audi decided to get back into F1, then it would
be an engine deal only.......Not a full chassis and engine team like Ferrari
or the former Renault and Lotus teams.


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