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Re: WeatherTech floor mats

AudiJeep@aol.com wrote:
> I've heard on this list that WeatherTech mats are not exactly "custom fit" as
> their ad claims. I have a '92 100S, and would like to know if anyone with a
> 92 on up 100 or 95 on up A6 has purchased these mats. Do they actually fit,
> or is a lot of trimming required?
I have a full set (front and rear) for my '95 A6.  They are NOT custom
fit.  Although the set I got seem to fit fairly well.  The back set is
generic.  I think they have like 5 sizes or something to fit the rear of
all cars.  Lots of trimming needed to get them to fit in back.  If you
have some original mats from the rear, use them as a template.  I still
think they were worth the money though.  Holds lots of winter gunk,
gravel, salt, etc.  Even though they don't have the little grommets for
the floor mat pins, they stay in place really well.

That's my thoughts.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, IA
'95 A6 quattro (5 speed)