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Re: The new A4 Cabriolet

> >       All of the above makes me wonder if you've ever seen TTs before?!?  :-)

Tom Nas wrote:
> Yup, I have. Makes it all the more incredible that the current Cabriolet
> will remain in production alongside the TT/TTS when they appear next year.
> (?)
> It just doesn't look right in such an advanced model lineup...

	There was a hidden sexual inuendo(sp?) in my line that I think you
missed....I was confident you had seen the Audi concepts, but thought it
was a good opportunity to use a slight play on words that Motor Trend(if
I remember correctly) printed on one of their covers back when the Audi
concepts were 'the' cover of the month. I do have to give credit, and
unfortunately it's to a car magazine that I feel is only one step above
'Truck' mag or whatever...  ;-)