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Re: Wrecked Exhaust, Rental car woes...

In a message dated 97-05-17 12:31:05 EDT, you write:

<< This past Feb. I had a rental Corsica in FL. and had to cross "Alligator
Alley". I could only get 109 MPH out of it before it would shift out of over
drive and over rev in third.  That car was terrible.
I had a brander than new 97, with 20,000 miles, perhaps things have changed.
 I am not too impressed with the overall feel or build quality, but it does
have power, although it does take exactly 3 seconds after punching the
throttle for the car to downshift and take off.  Bad design, the kick down
button in the audi autos is much nicer.  Of course, I am talking about old
audi autos, such as my (Gasp!) 12 year old coupe!
86 4000CS quattro
86 Coupe GT
86 GTI