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Re: Audi

DGraber460@aol.com wrote:
> '85 Coupe GT (new struts, strut bearings, A-arm bushings) Purchased as snow
> car, but am impressed with the fun factor and would like to get more out of
> it.

	"Impressed with the fun factor!" coming from a guy who owns a '96
Corvette LT4!! I LOVE IT!! That is one SERIOUS VOTE for the Coupe GT and
its overall ability. I also love my C-GT because of the fun-factor, but
you will find that it has so much more to offer that you forget it's
12!! years old! -like solidity and durability ...a slight uppercut aimed
at your vette. ;-)   I am not sure of your Coupe's option list, but my
'86 Commemorative Design Coupe GT has options and design features that
you may not even have on your '96 Vette! That's an exaggeration, but
you'd be surprised how many new cars that cost $15K either don't have or
have just recently started offering things such as cruise control, power
everything, hydraulic lifters, an overhead camshaft, and an aluminum
head. It is an overall winner and is still, after all these years,
competitive with most new cars. I can only imagine the praises I would
be uttering if I owned a urq...... if only.... :-(

> .......How can I slightly lower the front end? It looks like a motor
> boat. Any engine tricks or tweaks?

	Why, I ask the list, is it that almost all C-GTs seem to have this
problem? I am one of the lucky ones...my C-GT was never aimed at the sky
and was actually raked slightly forward(down?ward?) even before my H&R
sport springs! 

> Dennis Graber
> '91 100
> '85 Coupe GT
> '96 Corvette LT4
> '82 Honda Accord

	That's a varied bunch, huh Dennis? ;-|

Allan Jones
 '86 Commemorative Design Coupe GT(still in pieces)
  Alpine White with Red leather
Son Michael
 '94 Power Wheels Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible(12 volt motor)
  Alpine White with Red plastic(I am dead serious, and love it!)
  (being charged as we speak/it's a beautiful Sunday and my son wants to
take a spin)  :-) :-)