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V8 Suspension upgrade


You ever figure anything out regarding different springs for your V8 (I
believe it was 2 months ago)?  As I recall, you have the H&R's with
factory-correct valved bilsteins.  I thought Eibach made a spring set for the
V8, and I believe the Eibachs are linear springs, whereas the H&Rs are
progressive rate?  And then there's APEX (Canada,  believe).  

Anyhow, though mine's an Auto, I plan on keeping it for a while and just
uprated the wheels to 8x17 Compomotive  five-spoke 30mm offset with Dunlop
SP8000 235/45/17s.  They really ride well considering the reduced sidewall
height and look awesome.

I had fun at the Quattro Club USA Safety Seminar at Grattan Raceway in
Michigan three weeks ago and was planning on Denver this weekend, but know I
wouldn't have fared well after driving 20 hrs each way without a copilot.

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 170,500 miles