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Climate Control

Hi all :)

I'm having intermittant problems with the climate control in my '87 5ksq.
When it's working, it seems to work fine (aside from the fact that my A/C
is just about shot), but on occasion it seems to get "stuck".  I just got
back from the grocery store and all the way there and back it would blow
nothing but full heat, despite the warm temperature outside.  Even setting
it to "Lo" produces heat on these occasions.  Turning the climate control
completely off results in a very small amount of hot air coming from the
front defrost vents and directly at my feet.

I've only had my (first, yay!) Audi for a few months, and still have a lot
to learn about the electrical and mechanical systems.  I'm going on a trip
to Toronto in a couple of weeks, and dread the thought of having heat
blowing the entire 12 hr drive! :(  The former owner of the car said he had
this problem intermittantly too, and his mechanic was unable to isolate the
problem.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated. :)