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how to buy an A4 1.8T?

Hello, virtual club!

I am on the market for an A4 1.8T.
I am also tentatively planning a trip to Germany for the beggining of June.
Hence I have an obvious question: is Audi still running the European delivery programm for 
the USA? I would be very grateful if our German fellow listers found it out for me.

Also, do you have any ideas about the %-ge of the likely price increase for the '98 m.y.?
Should I just grab *any* '97 manual 1.8T w/Q paying extra for the leather interior, which 
I hate, for the *sport* package, which is a joke(H-rated rubber on 16" wheels and stock(!) 
springs and shocks) and for the all-weather package which I'll rip out of the car together 
with the seats, that I hate (see above), when I will be installing racing Recaros in their 
place and 17" MOMO Arrows w/255/50 SP8000?
Also, the color will not necessarily be what I want it to be.

Or should I order a '98, albeit for a lot steeper price, but get exactly what I want?

The local dealers are pretty arrogant (what else is new, right?) and want about $2k over 

I want a bare-bone stock car with only 3 options:
1. Quattro
2. Pearl colour
3. Sunroof

All cars in stock with the above options have leather, all weather pkg, *sport* pkg etc.
Any information/advice is highly appreciated.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
18 psi