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Re: Integrale, the Ferrari killer__ HF?

Rob, You just beat me to the punch.

HF does indeed stand for Hi- Fidelity, or Hi- Fi as
Lancia guys say. And indeed it was first used do denote 
the race dept prepared Hi perf Fulvias. But does anyone out 
there in Audi land know the meaning of the Elephant logo
that acompanies the HF? I do

- Douglas

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On Sat, 17 May 1997, M Tipton wrote:

> You wrote:
> I'm a Lancia owner, but have never been able to find out what the HF
> stands
> for.
> Ah-
> 	Hilariously Fast!
>                                       M
Actually, I have no documentation, but I recall that when the Fulvia V4
hi-po version HF came out, it meant High Fidelity. Strange for a car w/o

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