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Re: A4 30 valve 2.8 (was A4 steering)

On Sat 17 May, Bob Petruska wrote:

> Richard, which Dunlop's are on your car?

I'm no tyre expert but they have SP Sport 200E embossed on their walls.

> I know that the 30V engine will have some improvement , but not as much as
> most people think it will have.  This will hurt.  I will pass this info on
> to others asking about the performance.

I too suspect it is not as lively as people in the US are expecting.

> >About 25/26mpg (imperial) 21/22mpg (US) for short journeys (eg 7 miles),
> >about 27/28mpg (imperial) 23/24mpg (US) on longer runs averaging 60/70mph,
> >with bursts around 100mph.  
> That's about what I'm getting with my A4 Quattro 12V 2.8L, manual trans.

I would expect the 30 valve to be a bit better than the 12V 2.8.  On paper
the 30 valve 2.8 is better than our 12 valve 2.6.  A quattro will no doubt
drink more than my FWD.