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Re: Roll stiffness and cornering

Audial@aol.com said:

>Someone on the List did an analysis some time ago of the roll-center height
>vs. suspension position on a 5K Quattro that should be required reading for
>anyone who wants to change their ride height from stock.  

Then Phil Payne said:

>Amen.  Has my vote.

Thanks guys those would be mine and they are somewhere in the archives, 
There are 2 post actually that should be read one is on the roll centers 
in the type 44 car the other is a explanation of Bump steer and why it 
should be avoided.

The gist of the two is unless your REALLY know what your doing, leave the 
ride hight where it is, it's there for a reason.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO