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Re: V8 Suspension upgrade

In a message dated 97-05-18 19:18:50 EDT, you write:

<<Finally got a good alignment and think this hardware is now
 set up the best it's going to be.  I want to get it on the track before
 changing the springs.  For daily driving, it's pretty stiff right now.
 > I thought Eibach made a spring set for the V8, and I believe the 
 > Eibachs are linear springs, whereas the H&Rs are progressive rate?
 The guy I talked w/ at Eibach tech service in CA doesn't know the V8
 exists.  Per Ivor, there were some Eibach V8 springs in Europe at one
 time, but they are not available in the US.  John Beckius at Sport
 Wheels recommends the S4 springs (progressive) for the V8.  The rears
 work fine, drop the car .625 w/ the Bilsteins, but the front...  I still
 need to post the results of the corner weight adjustments, but it looks
 like the Eibachs should work on the 5-spd (a bit lighter in front than
 your car?)>>

Not really.  I've got the front caliper upgrade (S4 rotors, etc.)
 > And then there's APEX (Canada,  believe).
<<There's also Intrax (Dutch, w/ US distributor).  They lower the V8 1.75
 in front, 1.5 in back-- too low for me!  

Agreed, that would be too low.  One Inch rear and maybe 1 1/4 front would be

<<Do you have a contact for APEX? 

I don't.  But you might want to check with Graydon Stucky
(graydon@apollo.gmi.edu).  He'es got the them on his '87 5ktq and likes them
alot.  I think he got them from a place in Canada.
 > Anyhow, though mine's an Auto, I plan on keeping it for a while and 
 > just uprated the wheels to 8x17 Compomotive  five-spoke 30mm offset 
 > with Dunlop SP8000 235/45/17s.  They really ride well considering the 
 > reduced sidewall height and look awesome.
 <<Does sound awesome; hope to see it at a QClub event.  Most folks
 wouldn't consider anything but an auto in these cars; NADA says a 5-spd
 is a deduct.  

Yeh, I'd like to find a 5-speed if I could, as it was my first choice, but
the auto has held up well.  Biggest bitch is the gearing (first will go up to
50 mph).  It's the first auto I've had since '78.

<<So you've moved the outside of the tires out 15 mm. 
 Clearance look good?  

Yes, it's worked out fine (I think its more like 12 mm).  Even at he rears,
it should still work with sport springs, but I wouln't want them to be any
further out.  That would require serious negative camber.

<<I went w/ the 16" S4 wheels and 225 mm Conti CZ-91's (got a good deal on
take-offs), kept the rear equal and moved the front out ~5 mm.  How's road
noise?  Mine increased markedly w/ the wheel/tire combo and stiffer

Agreed.  I think I can feel the increased drag caused by the wider combo,
especially at higher speeds.  Best top end was when I had 205/65/15's when I
bout the car, but it does handle really well and I will get an alignment this
week at the dealer (Afraid to have someone else mess it up in that dept.).
 > I had fun at the Quattro Club USA Safety Seminar at Grattan Raceway in
 > Michigan three weeks ago and was planning on Denver this weekend, but 
 > know I wouldn't have fared well after driving 20 hrs each way without a 
 > copilot.
 <<Sounds like a blast.  20 hrs-- where do you live?  

Just north of Detroit, Michigan.

<<We have had all kinds of family things going on, and the car wasn't ready,
anyway.  I'm going to try at least for Blackhawk, and we'll see what else.
 BMW Club in St.
 Louis will have Gateway in early Nov.  How did you get the (I assume)
wife/SO interested?

No wife.  I'm single and working enough to keep it that way for the moment.
 Besides, she'd feel neglected.  On the other hand, interest in cars would be
a definite dating plus (I should be so lucky).

Don't know which events I'll be able to attend at this point, but will let
you know.