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Re: Gear ratios

I know this thread is over a week old, but I'm almost caught up to you
'current' guys, nearly 1 month after my 2 week period of minimum access
to the list! My e-mail inbox is almost empty! Are you guys ready for a
party!? ;-) But seriously, the discussion of the Coupe's top speed (a
subject I just have to be involved in!) is summarized below...

> On Sat, 10 May 1997 STEADIRIC@aol.com wrote:
> > Considering the 2.1l 5 banger in the Coupe GT was only good to 105mph
> > (BTDT) I doubt that the 90 hp 4 would go faster than the lighter GT with
> > 15 more ponies........

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:
> Well, don't know about you, but I do know the following...Most of the
> VW/Audis with that engine top out around 110.
> .....Also, I believe that the Coupe GT's top speed was closer to 115

Mike Hopton wrote:
> Euro 2.2l Coupe GT's (circa '85) were good for at least 120mph BTDT
> owned two. I believe the sales literature quoted around 122mph? There
> are other countries out side the USA.......

Paul Heneghan wrote:
> The manual for my 1989 Avant (2226cc 5 pot 136bhp) claims a top speed
> of 123mph. I have seen an indicated 120mph and it wasn't flat out.
> A100 2144cc (new body shape, right? Cd = 0.30) should be very similar
> (but you need the bottle/lunacy to try it).

> HMMMMM, I had my CGT up to 119--according to the digital speedo, and I
> didn't think I had any mods. . .
> __________________________________________
> Bryan Bowen
> '86 CGT Comm. Ed. (Gone, but not forgotten!)

Fargo 1: Yeaa Aye think you're right ther, Bryan.
Fargo 2: I don't like that post either Eric, ..ookay?
Fargo 1: Yaa, I think our good-buddy Eric ther was too afraid to keep
the pedal stomped ...yeeaahh?
Fargo 2: Yeaaah! Me too.
Fargo 1: Wimp!
Fargo 2: ya, wimp.

	Seriously, we all know by now that Eric's coupe had a smaller engine
than the 2.22 so the stated 105 seems right to me.
	As for the top speed of the '86 Coupe exported to America with a N/A
2.22L I-5, I can speak from experience! That's right, in my early years
of Coupe-GT ownership, 'real world experience' taught me that on a
certain downhill, deserted section of Rt. 93S in N.H.(near Loon Mtn.) in
the early hours of morning, I could reach an indicated 122mph on my
digital dash, but I didn't even know(until now) that 122mph was the
manufacturer's claim.
	A few years and mods later, I can quickly(..well, a lot quicker than my
stock Coupe mentioned above) get to that stock 122mph and don't need to
be going downhill to do so. My Coupe's best: I have seen 129mph
indicated on my digital dash! Can you tell I love that digital dash!! I
know, you say "analog all-the-way....", but you'd get used to it, ..and
I bet soon you too would be in love. As far as the 129mph top speed, I
hit that on Rt. 3 in MA running on 195/60HR14s, but don't remember the
EXACT rpm #, although I know I had a few left. My baby was in top-shape
at the time(obviously) and it is going to take some time before I can
effectively attempt that feat again safely.  :-)  I'm looking forward to
the journey back!

Allan Jones
 '86 Commemorative Design Coupe GT
  Alpine White with Red leather
sons Michael & Trevor
 '94 Power Wheels Porsche 911 Turbo Convertible
  12 volt motor/rear wheel drive/2 speed with reverse
  Alpine White with Red plastic (I'm dead serious!)

p.s. 	Sorry, Eric, but I felt like cleaning up my car's smeared image,
and even though there were many posts and your top speed of 105mph was
true(I believe) for the 2.11 engine, I picked on you because of your:
'BTDT' comment. Hope you take it as it is - a bad joke.