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86 4kcsq Won't Start, Sits Over Night, Will -Reply

Hate to throw a BTDT at you but here goes.
'86 VW Qtm (same engine as yours).
Exactly the same occurrance.  EXACTLY!
Problem is...that the Audi gods are playing with us.  This sequence
of events will continue unless one of us happens on to the correct
My VW has been doing the same thing for over a year now.
(1)  Won't start, although battery no problem.  Fuse no problem. 
Relay...questionable.  Fuel pump...very loud buzzing now.
(2)  Will start at later time.  Sometimes 20 minutes later.  One one
case, not until 4 days later.  (I actually left the car alone, and
didn't try to start it more than three times a day for 2 days.  Left
it for the weekend.  Did not start Mon morning, but monday evening it
started right up. WTH!!?) This has happened now over a dozen times
(3)  Have never lost fuel to engine while driving...this leads most
people on this list to claim that it's not the fuel pump.  I.e. it
should quit while driving just as easily as not starting cold.  But
shouldn't the active engine "ciphon" fuel from the tank easier than a
non-active engine?
(4)  As an absolute novice (although this list certainly ramps up the
learning curve ;-) I have attempted to duplicate this problem with the
help of outside "wrenches" all to no avail.  Of course it starts just
fine ..no problems, when in the hands of others 8-P
Therefore, I'll be anxiously awaiting any new information you may
have on this problem.  Off to lunch, let's see if she decides to work
today, knock-knock?
86 VW Qtm Syn