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Global Cooling in Vermont

The 1990 200 tqw runs well, but has recently developed a habit which I
can't fathom.  Regardless of temp setting I punch in (trying to warm up
'cause it's bloody cold up here), cooling fan comes on and airconditioning
cranks up.  Any immediate thoughts on what to check?

Also, I miss a mysterious "clack" that used to happen as the engine warmed
up--say about after five minutes of operation.  The clack came from the
right side of the pax compartment.  Something to do with a flapper valve in
the cooling system?????

Why didn't Audi just put a slot in the dash so we could feed in our spare
$20 bills to keep the Gods satiated?   Much simpler that way. 
And yes, I would *love* to buy a paper copy of the Bently for 1990 200s
Anyone have one for sale?  


1990 200 tqs (the pristine princess)
1990 200 tqw (with icicles on the steering wheel)