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Re: Roll stiffness and cornering

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:

> However, I find it hard to believe that Audi would lower their car by nearly
> 3/4" -- which is effectively what they did when they switched from 205/60-15
> to 215/50-15 tires -- without also making changes to the suspension geometry
> to accomodate this.  I also recall that the US parts fiche shows two or
> three different subframes and I believe two different strut housings for the
> front of the car ... perhaps they just moved the spring perches instead of
> using shorter springs?

	As an FYI, the 5000 cars have three different rubber spacers that 
go above the front coil springs and the strut top mount to adjust ride 
height.   They come in 5mm, 10mm, and 19mm thicknesses I think.   So the 
concept is at least acceptable to Audi.

Graydon D. Stuckey 

"Cool name man!" - Jay Graydon   :-)