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Re: Climate Control

> I'm having intermittant problems with the climate control in my '87 5ksq.
> When it's working, it seems to work fine (aside from the fact that my A/C
> is just about shot), but on occasion it seems to get "stuck".  I just got
> back from the grocery store and all the way there and back it would blow
> nothing but full heat, despite the warm temperature outside.  Even
> it to "Lo" produces heat on these occasions.  Turning the climate control
> completely off results in a very small amount of hot air coming from the
> front defrost vents and directly at my feet.

If you get it fixed let me know.  I have similar problems.  What I do to
get rid of it is:  raise the temperature to high (32C) let it run for a
minute then lower it to low (15C) let it run for a minute, then back to my
normal setting (21C).  That makes it work.  What I'm doing is forcing the
stepper motor go through its full range.  I have a feeling that this tiny
motor is geting stuck.

Good luck


86 5ktqw