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RE: Wheel ReFurbishing

Hi Paul -

I had good results with a set of old Nissan Z wheels at Powdercoating 
Specialities in Golden last year.  They bead blasted the wheels, then
powdercoated them in something like silver clear coat (not sure of name of
color, but pretty close to natural aluminum).  They came out great; lots of compliments from others, and they've held up well to Denver weather.

Lots of colors available.  If I remember correctly, it cost around $200 for the
set of four.  Just food for thought.  Good luck on your project.

Cheers -

Gary Bracken
Mediator, U.S. Dept. of the Interior
(303) 969-9964
87 4kcsq (163k)
92 300ZX
74 260Z V-8