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V8 water leak and stumble

 has anyone experienced water leaking into the footwells from a/c 
condensation? (hasn't rained and the car is filthy, so I know its an interior 
source.  Is there a drain that is plugged somewhere?

Also, My car will develop a bad stumble and sometimes stall after getting 
splashed underneath (i.e. puddle splash).  I don't see any visible cracks in 
the distributors...any idea?

One last thing...a few days ago, another V8 owner said he was going to replace 
the steering rack to fix the "smoking" from leaks onto the exhast.  I have 
done that (and a couple of thousand dollars worth of other fixes) and still 
have the smoking.  Its a shame, because I think I've just wasted the money.  I 
never saw a green drop until the dealer assured me that the rack was bad and 
needed to be replaced (it was also going to alleviate the above 
smoking...right).  The car goes in next week to try the service bulletin that 
was mentioned a few months ago regarding a trans fluid hose.  Hopefully that 
will work (its getting embarassing stopping at lights...I find myself sticking 
to highways so I don't have to stop).

If the other lister hasn't done the rack yet, maybe you can hold off a week 
for my verdict.

Mark Hogan
Bethesda, MD
90 V8
94 Safari awd
89 BMW k1