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Subject: V8 water leak and stumble

On Tue, 20 May 97 01:50:15 UT, "Mark Hogan" <mdhogan@msn.com> wrote:

>has anyone experienced water leaking into the footwells from a/c 
>condensation? (hasn't rained and the car is filthy, so I know its an
>source.  Is there a drain that is plugged somewhere?

Yes, in all likelihood. The drain exits under the car, to the right of the
transmission, at the firewall, sort of mixed in with the fuel lines. Also,
check the drain for the plenum(sp?), directly above that area, between the
firewall and the evaporator housing.

>Also, My car will develop a bad stumble and sometimes stall after getting 
>splashed underneath (i.e. puddle splash).  I don't see any visible cracks
>the distributors...any idea?

Had one like this that drove me(and a few other techs before me) nuts. Even
car washes would set it off. Look for breaks in the insulation on the lead
to the oxygen sensor. Doesn't take much to short it out and send the car
full rich.

>"smoking" from leaks onto the exhast.  

These are notorious for overfilled transmissions. The car must be drive ten
miles, stop and go, before checking the fluid. If it is overfull, it will
leak out the vent, and thereby onto the exhaust.

Hope some of this helps...

88 80Q (now running, drove it to Long Beach and back over the weekend, no
major problems!)(knock, knock!)
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