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Godzilla comes to New York!

In message <Pine.HPP.3.95.970520003519.25231M-100000@bluejay.creighton.edu> Virtual Bob writes:

> Appearing at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed (June 20 to 22) is the
> insane pre-war 6.0 litre 520bhp V16 Auto Union grand prix car. This, the
> only example known to have survived intact, will be piloted by
> Hans-Joachim Stuck, son of Hans Stuck, one of the last men to fling on eof
> these around for real. Audi is also brining a 760bhp IMSA 90 quattro and a
> rally Audi quattro to the event, both to be driven by Michele Mouton. It's
> the first time an Auto Union has been seen in the United Kingdom since
> Bernd Rosenmeyer won the 1937 Donnington Grand Prix.

Just a minor correction ...
The "rally Audi quattro" is actually the S1 replica owned and prepared by 
Historic Motorsport in which Michele set last year's record on the hill.  It's 
pictured on the cover of the UK magazine.
As the UK magazine records - it was only fitted with a 5-speed gearbox instead 
of a six-speed, used pump fuel and was limited to 75% boost.  Some of these
issues are being addressed this year.
Goodwood is rapidly becoming a _major_ event.  The UK club will have a 100 
square metre stand this year.  If you want to get up close to the S1 (ladies 
are even allowed to sit in it) in peace and quiet then I recommend Coy's, 
at Silverstone later in the year.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club