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Re: 4KCSQ clutch

> I'm gonna have to replace the clutch in my '86 4KCSQ very soon...are there any
> other items I should have replaced at the same time?  I've searched the
> archives regarding this, but came up empty. 
... I've got this same issue on my To Do list ('85 4kQ).  If you don't know 
how well the clutch hydraulics have been cared for (have they ever been 
bled?) you might want to think about rebuilding the slave cylinder while 
its hanging there ... possibly the master too for completeness.  I will be 
replacing the rear main seal on my _5kQ_ when I swap the tranny ... I don't 
know if this is all that important for the 4k.  I do replace the drive 
flange gaskets (2 front half shafts and one for the prop shaft) and you 
might want to look into the state of the CV boots to see if they should be 
replaced.  Oh, yeah the biggie ... if you are going in to replace the 
clutch I hope that you are planning to do the throw-out bearing and I'd 
highly recommend that you change the pilot bearing in the flywheel as well.
Some of the older cars had a plastic sleeve that the TO bearing slides on 
... I think the metal part is better ... the thing costs less than $5 so I 
get one ahead of time and then if I need one I have it ...