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Re: Electric Fuel Pump Nightmare

Andy, I think I may have solved the problem.   After much work tracing wiring
and the electricals involved in my fuel injection, I was drawn back to the

I finally removed the fuse block and pulled the connector with the fuel pump
on it.  First I checked the resistance to make sure it was okay, and it was.
 Then I ran straight 12v right to the pump from the battery and NOTHING.  The
pump did nothing.  I went to the pump and sure enough there was 12v right at
the pump.  What I think happened is that the pump failed, and when it seized
up it blew the relay.  It had blown one relay before and it was probably
because it was drawing too many amps.  Well, I replaced the relay, and
initially it did nothing, but after the pump cooled and I came back later to
start it again, it fired up.  Thus, it will run awhile until the pump gets
too hot and then it dies again, unable to start, and now I'm sure I've fried
the new relay I bought,  $60.00 down the toilet!

I've got a used pump coming in tomorrow and I'll check my theory out along
with a new relay and let you know if it works.  Thanks for your input.

Larry Smierciak
86 4kCSq