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Re: Cheap Horsepower-Ram air & Bernoulli

This thread seems to be dying. My first instinct is to let it; but.......  

Before any of you brave souls start cutting up your airbox in
search of  "negligable" horsepower which , as Scott said, may confuse
the CIS.  Please consult Mr. Bernoulli, I don't think he's a current
subscriber to this list :-), but, consult him well. Unless you 1) really
know how to design a proper scoop/intake and 2) know exactly where the high
pressure areas are before and after you interupt the airflow, you are likly
to find very disapointing results. In fact, your project could suck,
literally.  Audi engineers were smart enough to get fresh, cool air from
behind the bumper cover (on the 4kq's). A location, where the air flow is
not going  to disrupt the CIS and is protected from the elements .  And, as
has previosly been Mentioned, cool air is much more significant then any
ram you could ever hope to achieve.