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Re: the classic hydralic lifter noise ....again

> know. Should I perhaps retorque the cam followers again or try over again
> with a new set of lifters? This is the most aggravating Audi problem I have
> experienced ......

Sure it's not broken exhaust manifold studs?

The fix for that is straightforward -- but labor- and tool-intensive.
Pull the manifolds along with all the other things that are in the
way, drill out the broken studs, take the EM to the machine shop to be
planed flat, reassemble.  I diagnosed this as something I couldn't do
myself (in the driveway in winter with Sears tools) and had the shop
do it a few months ago.  Damn expensive, but it's fixed.

> There is no noise while the engine is cold and warming but
> noise when warm especially at idle and low rpm.

I think the EM is more prone to tick when warm, due to thermal
expansion.  The engine also seems to be less smooth at idle than at
speed -- I know that when I've left a screw loose in the dash, the
rattle only appears at idle.
['86 Coupe GT]