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Re: 87 Coupe GT


> I looked at a '87 Coupe GT for sale.  It had the digital dash and 2.2L
> engine.  I thought all 87's had the digital dash AND the 2.3L engine.
> Does anyone know if there were variations on the '87 model Coupe GT.
> Thanks in advance.
> Gene

 The early '87 models had the 2.2L engine and later models had the
2.3L.  Did you look at the one in Roswell, GA by chance?  A very well
maintained specimen listed as follows:

Audi Coupe GT, 1987, Blk metalic, AT, AC, loaded, trip comp, sunro
of, excellent cond, 107K mi. $3,500. 770-640-8042.

I looked this one over as requested by Q-Lister M Tipton and the only
fault I found was a small crease in the driver's side rear quarter

Ray Knight
'88 80Q
'85 Coupe GT
Acworth, GA