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Re: Rental Car Woes


> Speaking of that plague-it has been in the news of late that cars weighing
> less than 3000 pounds are far less safe these days because of so many
> suburban assault vehicles on the road.

 . . .

> What I'm saying is that in spite of
> their small size and weight, smaller Audis are damm safe cars!!!! I still
> worry though when I see 2.5 ton 'burban projectiles darting around as if they
> were appliance-like small cars.

The reason I like a 4kq (and other folks like 'cycles) is that I can
_avoid_ getting in the mess by steering/braking and paying attention
while driving. It's a bonus that the car's stout in case I do manage to
get involved. Someone (last fall?) said it well:  "SUVs are great with
their increased height cuz you can see the accident you're about to get
in to!"

It certainly bugs me to look in the rear-view of my Girling-equipped car
and see the lower suspension of the giant truck that's 15 feet from my
butt, and we're going 70 MPH.

'87 4kq, accelerates like the trunk's full of lead (4200 lbs gross?)