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RS4 Accessories

	In a conversation with Brad from VW Sport (Springfield, VA, division of
Joe Hoppen Motorsports) at the Carlisle show, regarding what to do to their
new A4 1.8T, I was suggesting to dress it up like an RS4 might look like.
He considered it, but it's a little too subdued. 
	Still, he mentioned one thing, there is a manufacturer that makes Carrera
Cup 993 wheels (found on the base 911 and C4 Cabriolet) that fit the Audi
5lug configuration. I think he said they only make it in 17" or was it 18"
and he wants to run 19" wheels on their 1.8T. Either way, the wheels are
available and Brad knows the manufacturer. Also, in their Cabrio featured
in EC are Porsche sport seats with brackets from the Porsche Pitstop in
Virginia, allowing the  P seats to be used in the VW. I forgot to ask if
this was available for the A4 or not, but som 911 wheels and Porsche seats
with the Porsche imprint on the headrest would look pretty cool in an A4
well on it's way to look like a modern day RS4. I'm already planning what
I'll do to modify my S4 (new twin turbo 30V supposedly coming) to turn it
into an RS4, providing I win the lotto I'm figuring it'll make a cool daily
	Anyway if you want to reach Brad to find out more info on the wheels or
the seats their number is (703)451-5134. If he's not there ask for Adrian,
it's his Audi, so he'll probably be able to field the questions too.