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'91 200TQ Mileage Results

Hi All!

Some have requested that I post the responses to my question about 200TQ
fuel mileage, to the list.  Here's what I got from those who responded:

                               (city/highway(averages))	Average
Kent Crossley:  		15/23		19
Mike Miller:       		16.5/24		20.25
Arun Rao:		19/24.5		21.75
Chris Miller:       		19.5/22		20.75
Greg:                 		19.5/27.5		23.5
David Toppin:		20		20
Steve Gronback:		23		23

AVERAGE: 21.18  +/- 1 mpg

This is only an estimate based off of the numbers I was given.  Mileage
will of course vary between lead foots, windy roads, highway driving,
etc, etc...

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson
mnelson@brls.com				Borealis Technology Corp.
SQA Engineer				http://www.brls.com
Incline Village, Nevada			Carson City, Nevada

1990 Audi S2 Quattro (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)

Past Audis: 1987 5000CSTQ, 1987 5000CSTQW