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Temp sensor wiring help!

Greetings q-heads, I need some help.  I have an '87 5kCSQ.  Prior to my
ownership some fool destroyed the four-wire plug that connects to the
temperature sensor underneath the fitting where the upper radiator hose attaches
to the head.  They crimped some connectors onto the original wires and attached
them to the four blades on the sensor connector.  
I've had a cold start problem since owning the car and now wonder if not only
the splices but their proper hook-up orientation may be at fault.

So, then will some kind person tell me the color of the wires as they are
arranged in the plug.  For orientation purposes, lets look at them as if having
removed the plug and looking into the terminals with the alignment notch-thing
at 12 o'clock.  

A hearty pre-thanks for your help. 

Regards,  Gross