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Re: quattro vs. FWD fuel numbers

In a message dated 97-05-19 22:59:36 EDT, frankbauer@thevine.net writes:

<< i'll bet the epa cycle is run with an engine on a test stand, not on a
 rolling dyno or a real road where tires come into the equation... >>

Actually the EPA does use a rolling dyno.  However, they back-in to the fuel
economy numbers by working from emissions components backwards to fuel
consumed.  Sort of bass-ackwards, but good enough for government work.

The whole premise of better fuel economy in AWD vs. 2wd is such an arcane
concept, with so many other vehicle-to-vehicle variables, that it is better
left as the stuff of legends rather than a decimal point oriented discussion.
(although I'm sure that won't stop any number of further elucidating posts
about any number of other 2WD and AWD pairings).