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Re:wet feet in '89 100 (and some A/C comments)

Thank You to all who replied to my question about the driver-side rain leak
problem. The possibility of windshield leakage hasn't been eliminated but
seems unlikely. I've caulked up the entire area around the edges of the
shelf that holds the fuse box. After I chipped all the old caulk away, the
extent of the previous metal damage was evident; some gaps and holes (where
the shelf's edge joins the firewall) being as large as 1/8" wide, so plenty
of entry points for water since the old caulk had dried and cracked a bit.
I cleaned the area up and applied lots of 3M Seam Sealer. This stuff
appears to stay pliable, is easy to use, and should be readily removable if
more extensive work is needed :-(

Testing the repair for effectiveness is not so easy since quite a bit of
water remains (on floor) from last week's rainstorms. The term "footwell"
is rather appropriate in this case. There appears to be a fairly deep,
moist reservoir just under the drivers feet, and without removing the
carpet, drying is painfully slow.

Should I remove the big rubber (plastic?) plug from underneath? I guesss
that's what it's there for.

One last (pessimistic) question: is there another source of water--such as
from A/C--which could present itself only on the driver's side? I shouldn't
think so, but I'd like not to overlook something weird like that. Or, maybe
a source of fresh, cooling water at the driver's feet is an Audi feature?


There was a side benefit (while searching for leaks) of removing the big
plastic cover from over the heater-A/C plenum: it revealed a vacuum hose
that had been detached. It is one of three that are CC-related--the one
that enters the interior near the A/C. Now, when reconnected, there is
mucho cold air from the face vents, which previously only gave a vague hint
of A/C!!

Also I previously suspected the A/C had been cycling too frequently and
needed recharge, but the incoming air temp is 38 F (outside temp 65F). This
sounds pretty good, I guess.

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