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temp flap, sheer glee

Our resident certified Audi god (Phil Payne) objects to my statement:

> Purpose of intercooler (turbo cars) is to reduce temp of pressurised air
> coming from pressure/inlet side of turbo 

As follows:

>Not really.  The purpose of the intercooler is to increase the density of the 
>air.  The fact that the turbo's compression has increased the temperature over 
>ambient is exploited by the intercooler, which contributes as much (or
more, in 
>the case of the Sport) to increasing the air mass per unit volume entering the 
>engine as the turbo does.

Well, yes - that's the same thing - when you reduce the temperature of air,
you increase its density (Unless a) my flight instructor lied to me 15 years
ago, or b) we said the same thing: except I said it in American and Phil
said it in British.)

Purpose of the intercooler is to OPTIMIZE density of air mass by reducing
its temperature - which temperature was raised in the first place by the
pressure side of the turbo. The turbo puts out compressed air (1.4 bar,
etc.), but it is HOT compressed (because it got compressed) air. The
intercooler reduces the temperature of the air mass so now we get the best
of both worlds - the air was already compressed (by the turbo) and now it is
cold, too, thus maximum available density! - besides, I would never presume
to disagree with Phil - his knowlege has been amply demonstrated and I KNOW
he knows more about Audis than I do!

I think the miscommunication was that the output of the turbo is compressed
and hot, whereas the goal for maximum density is compressed and cold, which
the intercooler takes care of.

(Or am I missing something here? If it is cold in my office, is MY density
increased?) (Besides, I get the impression he's in the Brighton area, and
I'll be visiting there in September  . . .  be upset if he were mad at me.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman