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Re: 1983 UrQ Ignition Control Unit

     Don't assume your friends ECU is dead.
     There was a change to the MAC02 ECU that amongst other things included 
     a revision of the PCB. The two ECU's have different part numbers and I 
     do not believe they are pin for pin compatible i.e. an older MAC02 
     won't work on an newer loom and (probably) vice versa (although I 
     haven't BTDT). I did try my '83 ECU in my '85 and the car doesn't 
     start, (FWIW Frank Sprongl has also tried this with the same result) 
     so unless its just a strange Canadian ur-q phenomenon (which I don't 
     rule out!) what you report doesn't surprise me. 
     When I have time I plan on tracing the pin outs. If your desparate to 
     know I could be persuaded to do it sooner rather than later :)
     Another data point, I just checked the fiche to find out the VIN 
     number they changed ECU's and it only lists one ECU part number??? 035 
     905 383 F. I can check the part numbers on my MAC02 ECUs tonight but I 
     know for fact they are different!
     Regards, Mike
     '83 ur-q Rev 1 MAC02
     '85 ur-q Rev 2 MAC02