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Re: '87 Coupe GT

> > Phil Payne wrote:
> > > I've never seen a Coupe GT with a digital dash.  Such things obviously exist

> > Why is it that they didn't put them in regular old C-GTs for...
> > ......The ur-qs got them, right? Phil? You must know why!

> Well, they obviously _did_ put them into Coupe GTs - it says so on my
> parts fiche.  Why haven't I seen one?  Well, I'm not in Club Audi (the
> non-urq club) and I don't make a habit of peering into cars on the
> street - such actions can be misunderstood.

	Oh! I see. I jumped to the conclusion that since you, the Audi god of
England, had not seen a single example, than there was not a single
example. Ooops, my mistake. Sorry.