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Re: QLCC overshoot

> > with a stock spring however would be rather slow to get to the
> > desired boost level and wouldn't overshoot.

> I have seen this in Brian Vinson's car.  He had the stock spring, with my
> ECU which has the QLCC chip.  It felt very good, but did indeed take a
> little longer to get up to boost. 

One thing I like about using the stock spring is that you get less
or no boost at part throttle and lower RPMs which keeps me in closed loop
O2/frequency valve control during certain parts of my commute - saves gas.
Once it goes above 1.1 bar or so, it goes open loop and adds fuel,
totally unnecessary for me when I'm stuck at 60 mph in traffic...

> On my car, the spring is set almost exactly at 14psi, and I do not get 
> overshoot.   It rises very quickly up to 14 psi, and then gradually rises 
> to 15psi (+/- 0.5psi), depending on ambient temperature mostly.

Sounds like you have the spring and computer well matched.