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Re: TAP vs IA Chip/Boost mods

> The above assumes that the TAP box has kept the knock sensor functionality...
And this is definitely a concern for me! I have never seen my check 
engine light come on while at high boost or felt the ignition being 
retarded at any time. Anyone know a quick way to tell if my check 
engine light works just short of melting my motor? When I had a bad 
knock sensor, the light would illuminate briefly and i could feel a 
decrease in power(ignition retard). So I am wondering if it is still 
functional with the TAP box.

> > back off some if you hear the ping. If you run your car on the track 
> > all the time and want good consistant lap times, then IA would 
> > probably be my choice. BTW, 91 octane at all times-track or street!
> Well, personally, I don't like hearing ping at high boost levels.  The
> computer is set up such that you shouldn't be able to hear it.  If you
> do, then you are outside the abilities of the computer to manage the
> engine properly.
> I prefer a setup where I can keep my foot planted without worrying about
> listening for ping...
 Exactly! I hate trying to feather the throttle at high boost yet I 
like as much boost as safely possible. 

> BTW, (your turn Scott) I hear that over 2.0 bar isn't doing much for
> you with the stock turbo, another reason to keep it below 2.0.
> Orin.