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Cooling intercoolers...

>We also discussed tricks like mounting headlamp washers in front of the
>intercooler to increase the cooling effect.  It's quite amazing how much
>water such techniques need.  They've actually tried it on a Sport,
>though the Sport's intercooler is so damn huge that I'm not surprised.

I've done something similar with my 200q and it works very well indeed ...
I'm using the nozzles from a patio mister system and driving them from an
extra windshield washer pump/reservoir mounted on the firewall powered by a
relay that's trigged by a pressure switch set for 4psi.  For normal driving,
I get 3 or 4 weeks per fill ... best of all, the whole thing cost less than
$8 since I used surplus parts from my wrecked '87 5k!

>P.S. I had a lousy day today, so I took the ur-quattro out for half an
>hour.  The ur-q owners among you will know what I mean.

I'm about to have a lousy weekend with my Ur-Q ... 3 days to replace all
suspension bushings, repaint the sub frames and control arms, replace the
struts, repack the CV joints, install a 5-pt racing harness, Supertrapp, FI
mixture meter, SS brake lines and plastic headlights.  Arrggghhhh!
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