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Re: "n"

In a message dated 97-05-21 20:24:31 EDT, you write:

<< >*  Roll centers for 44 chassis cars.  Out of respect for Rules of the
 >might direct all interested parties to ck The Quattro List Archives of
 >04-06-95 at 0808:09 EDT.  Some of the actual numbers are off, but the
 >is OK.
 And just what did you plot them on.  The Numbers are dead on.
 Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
Based on the data collected, the computer program used, spit the right
numbers out, relative, however, only to the car measured. For "n" to make the
Numbers statistically "dead on" accurate to the general population,  "n"
sampling usually needs to be significantly more than 1.  My immediate
question would be how one acheived the numbers that were put in.  This was
not based on anything audi gave out, this admittedly was based on tape
measurements of this posters' car on a rack.  As was mine.  Not the same
inputs, though conclusions drawn and "plotted" were close enough to be
comparable, and significant in "summary" form to the general population of 44

Interesting to note, when I installed the front springs from the above
listers "kit" the front initially stayed at less than 1" drop, but
deteriorated to more over time.  Most will find that the install prevents the
proper alignment for Camber.  One side is usually OK at .5 neg camber, the
other has a hard time getting better than 1.5 neg.  Easily explained by the
exact numbers posted in the archives.  

My summary of the post was not to flame or "dispute" the numbers.  The
numbers put in gave the correct numbers out, the "program" is correct.
 "Averaging" the numbers of several stock ride audis might have yielded more
"significant" numbers, or data from Audi's engineering department with design
tolerances (yea right).  As with each of our beloved audi guages and infamous
Pressure Transducers, I might warn, these "numbers are dead on" accurate to
the car measured.  My only point, and a good post, in the grand scheme of
things, 3 pagers beat 1 liners most of the time.  

Scott Justusson, S.O.B. Emeritus
'87 5ktqw
'84 Urq
2B = is just an East facing apartment in my building
Chicago, IL