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14" vs 15" rims


I'll take a slightly different spin from what Paul said.
Yes, the 15s will have better steering feel and will corner
more crisply.  No, they won't "fill up the wheel well better"
although they may look better; -- you want to maintain the
overall diameter of wheel + tire the same.  Also, the
15s WILL be susceptible to pot-hole damage.  I've
had poor luck here in scenic New Jersey with my 15s.
My old 14s were much more resilent.

I'm not talking you out of them, I have 15s on my 90q20v
and like the performance.  But I also have a set of 14s
in the garage for when I ruin one, but good :-)

ps: be sure to understand the proper sizing if you switch.
Generally 195/60-14s and 205/50-15s provide the same
diameter (gearing, suspension geometry) and match well
to the wheel width.  If you really want, you should be able to
go 205/55 on your 14s and be close (do the math, I have no
calculator handy [says the guy typing on a computer]).

Night all,