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Windshield cost? (1990, 100)

So, I've a 1990 Audi 100 with 126000 miles, and I think
I will keep it for 3 more years (to make it to 200,000), and
since its book value is next to nothing, was thinking of dropping
Comprehensive and Collision (total $300/year).

But then I remembered that the windshield costs could be very high,
and there is a good chance it will break in the winter in Boston,
what with the rocks and salt flying around (not salt, but rocks
could break it - I went thru 3 windsheilds on my previous car!)

Does anyone have a ballpark figure for how much the cheapest (new)
windshield would cost? Is it like $500, or $1000, or $2000?


Avinash Chopde
e-mail: avinash@acm.org
home page: http://www.paranoia.com/~avinash/